Heroes of Terrinoth Preview

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Heroes of Terrinoth Preview

The Sadler Brothers and Fantasy Flight Games are resurrecting the entertaining Warhammer Quest ACG with a Terrinoth-flavored facelift.

Preview By

Dillon Flaherty

Preview By

Dillon Flaherty


Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game Lives On

One of our favorite games from 2015 was was the Warhammer Quest ACG. from Fantasy Flight Games. The basic premise was taking a group of 2 to 4 Warhammer Fantasy characters through a quest that was made up of a few scenarios. Looking back even further, Warhammer Quest ACG itself took a lot of inspiration from Space Hulk Death Angel: The Card Game which was released a few years prior.

As much as we loved Space Hulk: DA, the concept of taking the fantastic turn-to-turn gameplay and decision making and setting it in a game where the characters level up and acquire items is what took Warhammer Quest ACG to the next level, and transformed it into a game with a permanent spot on the shelf. (Side note: We still have Space Hulk Death Angel on the shelf, because it's awesome and such a compact package!!)

It was a cooperative or solo tabletop experience that provided a ton of gameplay for a relatively inexpensive starting point. Contrasting with a game like Gloomhaven, Warhammer Quest ACG could give that sense of campaign progression without taking up your whole table, and being able to play through a campaign in a session or two!

So, it was that much more sad to learn that soon after the release of Warhammer Quest ACG, Fantasy Flight games lost the rights to produce Games Workshop products. It was one of the only major "flaws" that we ended up having with the game in the first place!! This was a game that was begging for future content, and because of decisions that had nothing to do with the designer or the game itself, Warhammer Quest ACG's future was cut short far too early.

Now, 3 years later, Fantasy Flight Games has made the decision to bring the spirit of that gameplay back with a new facelift (a much-requested idea from many of Warhammer Quest ACG's fans)! and set the new series in the Realms of Terrinoth, the fictional fantasy universe where multiple other products from FFG's library is home to, most notably Descent and Runebound

Heroes of Terrinoth Resurrects the gameplay of Warhamer Quest ACG with some of the following key features:

What We Like

Archetypes and Classes+++

As much as we loved the four characters from WHQ:ACG, we can't wait to see what's in store for options and flexibility for mixing and matching characters with classes inside of a single archetype!!!

A License to Rely On++

Terrinoth might not be the sexiest setting out there, but YOU KNOW it will be there waiting in bed for you the morning after, unlike that slimy Warhammer Fantasy universe, who apparently can't stay faithful. (Please, please don't leave, Terrinoth... no we don't have abandonment issues!)

8 Quests In the Box!+

More quests just means more to love!! This should help hold us over until the inevitable expansion content!

What We Want

No Campaign Content in Base Game---

Look, I get that there are a lot of campaign games out there right now, and people occasionally want a one-shot fantasy quest, but that progression over a few adventures is part of what MADE WHQ:ACG what it was! Heroes of Terrinoth deserved this play style from the very beginning.

It's not here yet-

Please hurry. I'm sorry about being upset about the lack of campaign content. I promise to immediately get over it as soon as you show up on the doorstop!

Heroes of Terrinoth is Coming Soon!

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