Last Chip Standing Devil’s Luck Kickstarter Preview

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Looking for some lighter fare to add to your tabletop gaming collection? Brybelly is bringing the classic left-right-center style game to Kickstarter with a bit of extra theme and some new mechanics to spice it up!

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Lighten it up!

I’ve got multiple shelves in my basement filled with tabletop games. The majority of them end up getting onto the table for one of a few groups of friends and family that have been gaming together for years now. There are some lighter ones that I’d be comfortable introducing to folks that have never played anything more than Monopoly before.

We are always on the lookout for more quality games in this category – and Brybelly has recently set up a Kickstarter Campaign that is trying to target precisely that audience: the light party game.

Last Chip Standing Devil's Luck Components

Oh, you mean you all don’t want to play Gloomhaven with me? Fine!

I’m constantly astounded at just how often a game of Left, Right, Center is suggested at parties that either my wife and I host, or parties in her side of the family that we attend.

What always bummed me out about Left Right Center was just how dull some of the turns can be. Rolling a die to do nothing might be good in the game, but it usually ends up with quite a few boring turns to get to the end. Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck aims to incorporate some new mechanics to spice things up!

Last Chip Standing Devil's Luck Example

For those of you that haven’t played Left, Right, Center before it’s quite easy. You start with three tokens (or usually, we play with $1 bills) and roll one die per token that you have. 3 faces of the die are dots, which mean you keep a token. There are also individual faces for Left, Right, or Center. Each one has you passing a token to the player on your left, right, or to the pot in the center. The last person with any tokens makes one last roll and if they still have the last token by the end of that roll they win the whole pot.

That’s it. That’s the game. I honestly feel quite dirty even talking about it here on a snooty, fancy modern boardgaming website that uses occasionally multiple and large adjectives to describe elite games. If I’m honest with myself, though, I actually find myself cheering and having a blast as the random die rolls have people passing money, being eliminated and then suddenly revived late to end up winning all the chips.

Last Chip Standing Devil's Luck Basic Die Faces

The picture above shows the four basic faces that exist in Left Right Center, but with the Last Chip Standing Western theme! With Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck, Brybelly is adding a few more elements to the game to make the average turn more engaging and exciting. The instructions are posted here, one simple quick page for getting the game running right away!

The first is removing one of the “do nothing” faces of the die and replacing it with a bandit icon. This also has an arrow at the bottom of the facing, so that if you roll it and it’s facing another player, that player steals a chip from you!

Last Chip Standing Devil's Luck Bandit Face

This seems like a pretty simple change, but actually really adds to the dynamic and chaotic nature of the basic game – now instead of only interacting with the people left and right of you, you can potentially be taking money from (or losing money to!) people all over the table!

Last Chip Standing Devil's Luck Horseshoe Face

The other “do nothing” die face was replaced with a horseshoe, which means you do the opposite of everything on your other dice. A bandit means you’re stealing money, or a badge has you taking money from the pot instead!

Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck also has some pretty cool doubles and triples rules which were lacking in basic Left Right Center.

  • If you roll 3 of a kind you take a chip from up to 3 other players.
  • If you roll two horseshoes, each player has to put a chip in the pot.
  • If you roll a horseshoe with only one chip left, take a chip from the pot.

Check out Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck on Kickstarter Today!

Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck seems like a really nice upgrade to the basic Left Right Center game, and I’m probably going to be backing it to pick up a copy myself!

The basic version of the Kickstarter is available at an $8 pledge and you can get an upgraded version of the game, including the base game (Left Right Center, but Western Themed) for $20 and a very cool black leather dice cup trimmed with red felt!

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