New Free Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios and Items Released

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Isaac Childres seems to spend every day trying to become our favorite board game designer, and publisher. Check out these solo-specific free scenarios and items!

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Brand Spanking New Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios

Gloomhaven has been the hottest topic in the Tabletop Gaming space over the last few weeks, and it’s certainly been one of our favorite topics to read about and cover! Apparently, Isaac Childres has a heart of pure gold, because on top of overloading every copy of Gloomhaven with content, he’s also decided to GIVE YOU EVEN MORE DAMN CONTENT! AND YOU’LL LIKE IT!

Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios But Wait There's more

The primary two components of the free add-on that were just released are a set of 17 solo scenarios for each of the classes in the game and a set of item rewards that are unique to each character as a completion bonus for the aforementioned scenarios.

Whereas some of our other Gloomhaven posts mention one or two aspects of the game that can be seen right out of the box, this content is listed as two files, both of which could reveal HUGE spoilers about the locked classes with just a little quick scrolling.

Please be very careful when accessing the files so you don’t see anything you aren’t supposed to!

Taking a look at the Solo Scenarios

The link to access the Google Drive that has the Scenarios and Items files is right here. Before clicking on either of those, it’s recommended to read Isaac’s post on BGG concerning the contents! You can check that out here!

As mentioned in the spoiler alert above, a scenario and item for each class (locked and unlocked) in the game, so please be careful opening up either file and scrolling too quickly. I’ve excerpted the section of the page on the scenario book that lists the page number for each class by their icon. I would highly recommend finding the class in question that you want to find the quest for and then simply PRINTING OUT THAT PAGE, to avoid having to scroll through and accidentally see any spoilers!!

Chromacast Cajon Boardgaming Bag Front

The actual page that is printed will look similar to all of the other pages out of the scenario book in the Gloomhaven box, but it also includes some very cool additional bits of story that line up with each class. I’ve only looked over two scenarios for the unlocked basic classes, but they look VERY cool!

If extra content for the sake of extra content wasn’t quite enough to encourage you to print this all out, there is also a brand new set of 17 items that are rewards for completing these challenging solo scenarios!

To get an idea of what some of them do, take a look at these four items that are specific to the Brute, Tinkerer, Spellweaver and Scoundrel:

Chromacast Cajon Boardgaming Bag Front Open

These are really enticing and definitely look like they are a great way to add a little bit more uniqueness to how each character acts.

The Scoundrel, for example, could use the silent stiletto as a one handed item that allows her to pierce one shield on every single attack she makes! She could combine this with the other basic dagger to also add poison on that attack (although that item only refreshes on a rest!)

The Brute being able to add extra defense for the remainder of a round after getting a kill is a great way to encourage him to charge up early and finish someone off, while wading into potential danger and hits coming his way – soaking extra damage as a reward for the risk of an early charge!

The Gloomhaven that Keeps on Giving

We have been beyond impressed with Gloomhaven so far, and even just day-to-day play of the base box yields constant adventure and new things to unlock and see. Getting some very cool free add-on content just a few short weeks after release is just extra icing on the cake! If you’re still on the fence about Gloomhaven, be sure to check out our review, or if you have Gloomhaven and are thinking about ways to help store everything or just some help getting started, check out our storage and starting guide!

For those still trying to get a copy of the game, I can only wish you the best of luck and try to assure you that if you have to wait for a reprint of Gloomhaven, your patience will be rewarded. In the mean time, try to hook up with someone local and get in on an ongoing campaign to see what it’s like!!

Have you gotten a chance to try out the new Solo Scenarios yet? Let us know what you think of them, or how Gloomhaven is going for you and your group!!