Splendor Guy admiring a jewel

Review: Splendor

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Space Cowboys Asmodee In Splendor, you’re playing the part of a merchant around the Renaissance era. Your main objective is to be able to produce the largest amount and highest quality jewels. You take part in the whole process of gathering gems, transporting them around, and having artisans cut them into exquisite jewels. Does all of Splendor’s abstraction and a …

Baseball Highlights 2045 Cover

Review: Baseball Highlights 2045

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Eagle-Gryphon Games Baseball Highlights 2045 seems to be on the right track in terms of gauging the popularity of the sport of Baseball. In the story of Baseball Highlights, American Football had grown continuously in popularity to overtake Baseball as the national pastime, until around 2032 where Baseball had enough of standing in Football’s shadow and changed the game in …

The five Viking Clans of Blood Rage Board Game

Review: Blood Rage

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Cool Mini Or NotGuillotine Games Blood Rage is an upcoming board game from Designer Eric Lang, and published by Cool Mini Or Not and Guillotine Games. Blood Rage is set firmly in Norse mythology, and draws very heavily from many other modern boardgames’ mechanics and styles. The main theme of the game is that the apocalypse, referred to as Ragnarok …