The Best Tabletop Game Bag for your Money

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Taking your tabletop games from one house to another is pretty common, but the custom bags to accomplish that task are a bit pricey.

Here comes the Chromacast Cajon bag to the rescue!

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Dillon Flaherty

I love my board games, but how much?

It seems like many of us who play and collect boardgames have a few things in common when it comes to certain aspects of the hobby. One aspect that stands out is how much respect and care is paid to the physical boxes and components for each of those games. One of the biggest mental hurdles to get over before picking up Pandemic Legacy was how difficult it would be to mark up the board, or tear up cards!

That respect and care becomes important with even such a menial task as transporting our games. Game nights don’t always happen at the house where the game lives. So we have these games that we treat like small children, and regularly have to transport them… just like small children. Safety first, right?

These are the kind of thoughts that went through my head when I saw a Kickstarter spring up specifically for a bag to carry your games. A case designed just for our precious little cardboard babies is an awesome idea!

You know what isn’t awesome? A bag for safely carrying cardboard babies that costs $75+ dollars. I can literally buy two to four MORE cardboard babies for that price, or maybe one really cool premium baby.

Luckily, the boardgaming community is apparently full of helpful tabletop MacGyvers when it comes to the art of improvisation. A reddit user by the name of disccollector posted a much more reasonably-priced solution to solve the same dilemma.

The hero we needed, but didn’t deserve? A bag for a friggin drum!

2017 Update: Reddit Users AceTracer and NCFishGuy both gave some other recommendations for low cost bags that seem like excellent alternatives to the Chromacast Cajon:

Musicians contribution to the gaming community.

Occasionally, writing about board games gives me the opportunity to get unrealistically excited for simple, stupid things. I professed real love for the chips in Splendor. (and I stand by it). I gushed about how incredible the inclusion of facehuggers and chestbursters were in Legendary Encounters..

Today I get to write multiple paragraphs singing the praises to you guys and gals about a bag… and actually be excited about it.

Chromacast Cajon Boardgaming Bag Front

Just look at that unassuming bastard. Sits up on the table, has a little strap at the top. Simple enough little logo without a lot of flash.

…but just you wait. Wait until you lift back the flap and unzip the glory of a bag who just straight-up changed careers.

Chromacast Cajon Boardgaming Bag Front Open

I purchased the smaller version of the bag which measures 20″ x 12.5″ x 12.5″. This was easily able to hold 5 of the medium-sized games below along with the smaller Fuse up top. If Star Wars Rebellion wasn’t such a tall box, you can get 7 medium sized games in. Once you start working with smaller boxes, you can really get creative to pack a lot of gaming in for your upcoming trip.

Another option if you want a bit more storage is the bigger version of the bag, which offers dimensions of 21″ x 14″ x 12.5″. That extra little bit could help with some of the slightly longer boxers or awkward shapes. It’s only ~$2.00 more expensive!

Chromacast Cajon Boardgaming Bag Front Open Facing

Just when this little-engine-that-could of a bag has already won over the hearts and minds of the masses, it goes one step further and has some shoulder straps to be a board game backpack! Classy move, Chromacast bag.

Chromacast Cajon Boardgaming Bag Back Straps

A bag for all seasons

In defense of the pricier Kickstarter bags: they do offer a lot of functionality, and probably a bit of extra security for your tabletop games. There’s a bunch of deep pockets on the sides, some added cushion for protection. The front comes down and looks cooler than the drum bag. I’m sure there is a market for people who are willing to spend $80-$150 on a bag to transport their games.

I love the Chromacast bag because it offers most of the features of those fancy bags for 1/4 of the price.

I was able to pick up the smaller version of the Chromacast Cajon bag a very low price on Amazon.

I ended up coming away with almost $60 in savings compared to the option of buying the lower-end fancy bags. That kind of savings is almost enough to buy the epic Star Wars Rebellion to put in your brand new bag. The great news about all of this is that the consumers have a choice. Hell, it’s also perfectly fine to carry your games in a big heavy-duty reusable grocery bag. For a long time, I used a large laundry basket to carry everything around.

Hopefully getting a look at the Chromacast gives you a better idea of what it offers, and helps you decide whether it will suffice or if the custom designed bags are worth the cost. You’re also alright in my book if the idea of a gaming bag is dumb and you keep on rocking the laundry basket!