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Rating Explanation by Review Score


Reviews of board games rated Excellent are the highest praise we can give. Typically every aspect of Components, Instructions, Gameplay, Replay Value and Feeling are all exemplary. These are the games that bring you back often, and for a long time.

These games are easy to recommend to almost anyone, and in most cases the game is so strong that it can overcome complexity levels and theme tastes in your gaming group.


Reviews with the rating of Great are hitting high marks with consistency, and will often be games that your group will get quite a few plays out of, if not become one of your personal favorites.

Great games are recommended, and if the complexity and theme fit your group and tastes then the recommendation becomes very strong.


Reviews receiving a rating of Good typically feature a solid overall experience, although there are elements which we found to be lacking. Some of the older games we review may fall into this category when compared to more modern standards. All of our reviews are subjective as well, so what we find to be Good could very well be Great or Excellent to you!

This type of game would come with a recommendation from us if the complexity or theme are individually or both appealing to your group.


Reviews receiving an Average review rating have some aspects and mechanics that work. They are usually also lacking in a few of our criteria leaving the game middling and not very memorable.

In most cases, we would not recommend these games unless there was a strong personal taste for the game’s specific theme.