Gloomhaven Kickstarter

Gloomhaven Kickstarter

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Gloomhaven Kickstarter

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Posted By: Dillon
On 9/21/2015

The Gloomhaven Kickstarter has already been funded and is coming down to a few days left now!

Gloomhaven is an upcoming board game featuring cooperative play, using cards and set in a campaign setting that persists and changes during the course of play. It allows anywhere from 1-4 players. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign page here for a full description!

I’ve already backed this project, but definitely think it’s worth taking a look at if you or your group is remotely interested in card-driven cooperative games, especially if you are fans of those games that persist your character.

The designers of this game have some very cool concept already in mind, and I’m very much looking forward to a live play-through to see just how i all comes together.

The Gloomhaven Kickstarter ends on September 30th so check it out now and see if it looks promising enough for your hard-earned money!

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