One Deck Dungeon Bonus Content Pack 1 Released

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One of our recent favorite games got a free content expansion, featuring one new hero and a new dungeon to challenge!

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Dillon Flaherty

A Sneaky-Good Game Just Got Better!

One Deck Dungeon kind of surprised us a little while back, with some very interesting and tight gameplay that got a ton of fun out of a pretty small set of multi-functional components!

Earlier today, the designer Chris Cieslik decided to generously send out even more content to owners of the game, all for the low-low price of ZERO dollars! Thanks Chris!

Here’s a link to the PDF file with the official updates!

One of the two new content additions is an entirely new dungeon for all of the One Deck Dungeon Heroes to delve into:

One Deck Dungeon Phoenix Den

The Phoenix’s Den is a difficult dungeon, which probably means a fresh One Deck Dungeon hero needing a lot of luck to navigate through and not get crushed!

Some of the interesting standout features here is the removal of all 3’s at the 3rd level of the dungeon! From our experience with the game, losing an entire dice number can be devastating during a single fight – much less dealing with it through an entire floor!

The Phonix itself as a boss looks very interesting too! Instead of doing damage numbers per skull covered, the hero must cover up every single skull to kill the phoenix. In typical phoenix-style, though, the beast then arises once more and must be killed a second time (scoring the second “health”!) Very cool!!

It’s not all bad-guy news in the content expansion pack, though, as another hero joins the existing ranks too

One Deck Dungeon

Caliana is the mascot of Asmadi Games, and also featured in their upcoming game Consequential.

She offers another unique style of gameplay where she doesn’t have health like the other heroes – instead having the ability to convert 3 damage each turn to time. If she takes any other damage past this, then she is defeated.

To help her out along the way, her Faerie Fire combat ability will allow her to spend one magic dice of any value to add a strength die and an agility die of the same value!

We love seeing added content released for games, but especially are impressed with it is both free AND delivered so quickly! Keep up the great work Asmadi Games, and if you haven’t checked out One Deck Dungeon yet, we highly recommend it!