Pegged In Kickstarter Preview

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Pegged In Kickstarter Preview

A bit outside the normal spectrum of our tastes here at BoardGameBuds, Pegged in has got our attention! Pegged In is easy to play, customizable board game, that seems to be appropriate for almost all ages.

Posted By: Dillon

On 3/29/2015

Pegged In comes off like a bit of a throwback, compared to our typical faire here at BoardGameBuds. It’s hard to deny just how appealing the components are from first glance, though! Every game comes with a beautiful board, 50 pegs, and two dice. It plays from 2-5 players, and is won by being the player who has “pegged in” by the end of the game.

Pegged In Kickstarter Lower Board

There’s some really interesting decisions to make based on the roll of the die as well, allowing you to either place your pegs in your rows, place pegs in the center, or take pegs from an opponent!

This seems to make Pegged In largely a game that is driven by dice, although there are clearly some tactical decisions to make along the way. I’m a big fan of short and sweet instructions and the kind folks developing Pegged In delivered big time in that department: just check out this elegant and easy to understand set of instructions!


Pegged In comes off as a remarkably beautiful board and design, aesthetically. Hopefully some of the images here help express just how pretty the game is!

With 7 days left to go in the Kickstarter, the main goal for production has already been met. Pegged In is set to be getting shipped out sometime this June, so it won’t take quite as long as some of the other Kickstarter projects you might be backing!

One of the really cool Pledge options is only £5, and lets you meet up with the team that has developed it to playtest the game with them. Unfortunately it’s a bit far for us, but someone local would probably have a great time – every member of the team we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with has been gracious and very kind!

Pegged In Kickstarter Pegs Stacked

I think it would fit in well as a lighter filler game to round out game nights, or even pull out for an excellent drinking game!

Pegged In Kickstarter will be wrapping up soon, so give it a quick look before time runs out – you might just be surprised! Follow the creators at Connecting Neurons Twitter Page for updated information.