Saying Goodbye to Review Scores

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Saying Goodbye to Scores

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Posted By: Dillon
On 10/15/2015

Review Scores haven’t always accurately reflected our feelings about a game – so we dropped them.

We’re still pretty new to writing reviews for games, and learning as much as we can. It has quickly become apparent to us that the idea of scoring individual aspects of a game to come up with a composite score simply wasn’t working out as well as we had hoped.

We do still think that discussing each of those aspects is important in reviewing a game. However, we also think that the writing itself can express our feeling sufficiently. This also will allow us a bit more flexibility in how we do each Review, instead of trying to make every game we cover fit the mold.


Ultimately, it was in writing and reviewing just a few games that we saw the inherent weaknesses in a system that uses composite scoring. Many of these games turn out to be an experience that is greater (or occasionally lesser) than a simple sum of their parts.

Mistfall is a perfect example of this concept. The Instructions for Mistfall are by far the weakest portion of an otherwise excellent game. While writing the review and covering the Gameplay section, I found myself wanting to give them extra points here to make up for the lower score in the Instructions section. I didn’t end up doing it, but thoughts like that came up at parts of every review written.

When it comes to each one of these games, I find myself coming away with an idea in my head of where it falls on the scale of average/good/great/excellent. Writing out scores for the individual aspects then typically became an exercise of trying to make those points add up to my overall impression.

From this point forward, we’ll be presenting you with our thoughts, like we always have, and keeping forced scores for those individual thoughts out of the equation. We will still be giving ratings out based on our overall assessment of the games, though!

Let us know what you think of the change – we hope the new format that focuses on the review is a step in the right direction!