Src:Card KS: Preview

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Src:Card Kickstarter: Preview

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Posted By: Dillon
On 10/21/2015

The Src:Card Kickstarter combining a card game with some fundamental programming elements is chugging along and just about halfway towards the goal of $12,000.

In a little bit of personal sharing, I’m a software developer by trade – so there’s definitely an automatic green flag of interest when I hear about an upcoming game that incorporates any elements of programming. That’s not to say that I want to play a game that resembles work in any way – quite the opposite, really!

In a lot of ways, writing code can often end up very similar to the way certain games are approached. You have an idea of what you want to accomplish, and try it out. Your code breaks, you fix it. It runs, but is slow, so you trim it down. Eventually you get it down to a nice bite-sized function that performs a task efficiently and can be used and re-used by other functions.

The similarity is found in the way we approach learning and beating certain games. Take Mistfall for example The first time playing you have a rough idea of what you want to do (Complete the encounter) and some idea of the tools to do it (Which hero will do what). As your knowledge increases you start to make that more efficient, activating certain heroes at specific times, or planning out moves in advance that will follow earlier tactics.

It’s problem-solving, at the most basic level – and then refining that solution to achieve greater efficiency.

With all of that said, maybe the gap of “what the hell?” is lessened when introducing you to a card game based on elements of programming. Maybe. If not, let’s take a better look at Src:Card and you can decide if the concept works for yourself!

Src:Card is a Kickstarter campaign that attempts to bridge that gap at a much more concrete level. You’re programming a robot that will be fighting against another robot, and using cards to do it. Assigning routines to run and firewalls to protect your own CPU from the enemy, and stuffing them into IF statements and FOR loops to maximum effect.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign page here for a full description and some great preview videos!

The concept is actually quite cool, and on the unique side as well. Similar to the children’s game Robot Turtles, Src:Card’s creators have taken something familiar in a card game and are attempting to teach some basic concepts of programming to the player.

I also like the design of the cards quite a bit too – they are light on form and very heavy on function. While a lot of recent development work in a professional capacity along the UI lines, I love both – in an Indie Kickstarter offering, I appreciate the attention paid to gameplay instead of focusing too much on an artistic style that can’t quite be brought to fruition without a lot of capital.


The implementation of things like IF statements and Loops is also very well done, as well. Taking advantage of the abilities of each lends itself to a basic fun gameplay mechanic that wouldn’t fit in many other boardgames without being ridiculous – but here it’s part of the DNA, and it seems like a great fit.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on this one for most of the campaign and think it’s worth taking a look at to see if it’s something that would get some play with your group of Buds! With the basic pledge right around $20, the price point seems just right for the content!