The Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport Kickstarter Preview

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Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport Kickstarter

If you’re on the lookout for a different kind of co-op deckbuilder, Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport deserves your attention! 2-4 players take on foes in a fantasy setting through many parts of town!

Posted By: Dillon

On 3/21/2016

Kickstarter seems to have something to appeal to almost any type of gamer at all times. Deckbuilders have been extremely popular over the last few years, and the fantasy theme isn’t really anything new for deckbuilders either. Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport is an up and coming contender that is trying to carve out a unique space in the arena. We’re fans of both deckbuilders and fantasy settings, but are unfamiliar with the setting of the Red Dragon Inn – so we decided to check it out! Here’s a link to the Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport Kickstarter Page

Right away the one component that jumped out as different from other deckbuilders was the sight of dice! Most deckbuilders seem to rely very much on the cards, and the randomness comes in through the draw, and occasionally having cards hidden for a certain point.

Adding the dice roll to the equation in Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport is a very simple addition of a mechanic, but it’s also one that differentiates it from a lot of others. It also is a very easy way to add a bit of excitement and tension, creating situations where you have to use your other skills or cards to mitigate the risks of the rolls.

Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport Fiona Card

The artwork for Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport is another strong point, even though it seems like there is still a lot that has to be completed. From taking a look at the rest of the games in the Red Dragon Inn series, it maintains the overall style and brings a lot of the familiar characters in as well.


The Designers have also added a really great gameplay video that walks through some of the mechanics here. The actual campaign page is a bit light on gameplay details so this version of summarizing everything was incredibly helpful to see.

One of the other reasons why the light Kickstarter campaign page is acceptable is the excellent Print and Play version of Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport that they’ve put together. This is the kind of effort goes a long way in really letting prospective buyers get a taste of the game they’ll be buying and the campaign they’ll be supporting!

Some of the additional items that come with the Collector’s edition are really cool as well. The coins and metal shield tokens from CampaignCoins look awesome! These are the kind of add-ons that would definitely end up getting used in this game as well as a few others!

Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport Ogre

With about 10 days left to go, this is a Kickstarter we’ve got on our watch list and will probably be pressing the back button before the end! If fantasy deckbuilders, or adventure card games are something you enjoy we recommend heading over to Red Dragon Inn Battle for Greyport’s Kickstarter page and take a look!